Why is my jewelry turning me green?

  • We've all been there it starts with finding a cute new piece of jewelry that we love and wear all the time and then the unthinkable happens, it starts turning your skin green but why? There are many reasons this could happen below are just a few to help keep your skin green free.
  • The most common culprit behind the discoloration is copper. Jewelry that features copper will cause that green tinge from the reaction between the jewelry being worn from the sweat / acids in your sweat and other chemicals. While there are things that you can do to help keep your jewelry safe from exposer, sweating and oils are a part of life and cannot be completely eliminated.
Also, when sterling silver tarnishes, the jewelry turns black and can then rub off on skin and cause black discoloration. People with moist skin may also notice green discoloration. Tarnishing can happen mostly from chemicals like bleach and perfumes and colon to name some common ones most deal with every day. removing Jewely when cleaning can be hard to remember but helpful to keep it from tarnishing.
 In the end the best thing to do is buy from a trusted source we recommend looking for the material typically items that say things like copper or alloy will turn you green whereas sterling silver and others like gold will not. We will link some good products below to check out if you are looking for some sterling silver that is at a good price.